Welcome to the 2017 Pens Against Poverty Competition.

We are excited to announce that the competition is now open to students from Southern NSW as well as the ACT.

Check out the map in the ‘How to enter’ section.

Thank you to our sponsors!

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43 thoughts on “2017 THEME: THE OTHER SIDE

    1. Thanks Gabby- we look forward to reading your story! If you could have a go cutting your words down, though, you may find it makes your writing even better. A couple of questions to ask yourself: Are there places where I could have used a shorter sentence to have more impact, such as to create suspense or to highlight an action? Are there places where a really well-chosen verb or adjective could be more effective than a complicated sentence. Writing is a bit like a painting or sculpture. You play with it, mould it, refine it, until its just right for what you are trying to convey. Good luck!


  1. If I was to write a story about someone going on the “other side” of the world would it fit the theme? Or about the “other side” of the water?


  2. hi! i was wondering how many times you can enter a different poem but from the same person and if you can enter in pairs. thanks!


  3. Hi there! my name is Olivia,
    I was just wondering when the announcements be made about who won because I entered and really want to know who won.
    thank you!


  4. Sorry just saying I am turning 10 my name is Raghu and I just want to know the due date and website so i can so my creative writing to children around the world
    P.S. I would like to know if i am allowed to take other ideas from books


  5. Hi My name is Raghu, I just want to know when the due date is because I would love to share my writing with kids that don’t have books


  6. Hello’My name is Tida and I would love to sign in for the 500 word story.I am only 8 years old.So I want to win because I want my soccer shoes badly.BY!


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