Thank you to everyone who participated in the Pens Against Poverty writing competition and congratulations to our 2016 winners. See you in 2017! 

Thank you to our sponsors!

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17 thoughts on “2016 THEME: “PLAYING FAIR!”

  1. Hello’My name is Tida and I would love to sign in for the 500 word story.I am only 8 years old.So I want to win because I want my soccer shoes badly.BY!


  2. Hi My name is Raghu, I just want to know when the due date is because I would love to share my writing with kids that don’t have books


  3. Sorry just saying I am turning 10 my name is Raghu and I just want to know the due date and website so i can so my creative writing to children around the world
    P.S. I would like to know if i am allowed to take other ideas from books


  4. Hi there! my name is Olivia,
    I was just wondering when the announcements be made about who won because I entered and really want to know who won.
    thank you!


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