The 2017 Pens Against Poverty Competition saw  wonderful participation from many schools across the ACT and southern NSW.  

To all who participated, thank you. We hope to see you again in 2018!


Well done to Winning and Highly Commended students from the following schools:
St Bede’s PS, St Thomas Aquinas PS, Canberra Girls Grammar School, St John Vianney’s PS, Belconnen High School, Telopea Park School, Merici College and Canberra Grammar School.


Friday 20th October

Canberra College, Performing Arts Centre

Keynote Speakers: ACT Minister for Higher Education, Megan Fitzharris, MLA and Canberra author, Mr Simon Mitchell

Appearance by judge: Jackie French OAM

If you participated but did not win an award, and are still interested in coming along to the awards presentations, we may be able to arrange seats for you and your parent/ guardian/ teacher. Please contact: kate.halcrow@icloud.com

Thank you to our sponsors!

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58 thoughts on “2017 THEME: THE OTHER SIDE

    1. Hi there Amy- Thanks so much for your interest and participation in the competition. Our new competition will be announced in early 2018. Winners have been contacted. The names of winning schools has been posted on the homepage of the website. Hope we’ll see you again in 2018!


      1. Hi Keira- Thanks for your enthusiasm and excitement! Jackie French was really impressed by the compassion and sophistication of all the entries. Winners have been contacted but we look forward to your participation again next year.


    1. Hi Max, We welcome innovation and your idea sounds like a really intriguing one! While experimenting, try to keep in mind the judges’ criteria which you can find on our ‘How to Enter’ page. I think you can do it! Best of luck, Kate


    1. Thanks Gabby- We look forward to reading your story! Sounds like you’re up to the editing stage. I know 20 words sounds like a lot but you might find a couple of spots where you can say something more simply or by using fewer, better words. Good luck!


  1. If I was to write a story about someone going on the “other side” of the world would it fit the theme? Or about the “other side” of the water?


  2. hi! i was wondering how many times you can enter a different poem but from the same person and if you can enter in pairs. thanks!


  3. Hi there! my name is Olivia,
    I was just wondering when the announcements be made about who won because I entered and really want to know who won.
    thank you!


  4. Sorry just saying I am turning 10 my name is Raghu and I just want to know the due date and website so i can so my creative writing to children around the world
    P.S. I would like to know if i am allowed to take other ideas from books


  5. Hi My name is Raghu, I just want to know when the due date is because I would love to share my writing with kids that don’t have books


  6. Hello’My name is Tida and I would love to sign in for the 500 word story.I am only 8 years old.So I want to win because I want my soccer shoes badly.BY!


    1. The prizes have been donated by various businesses and charities, such as Marymead, Oz Harvest and Anglicare. The top prizes are big cash prizes donated by AJ Gallagher and HESTA. There are also movie, book vouchers and signed books from Jackie French. Plus, your poem or story will be published online. Hope that answers your question, Justasking! 🙂


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