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Curriculum and Activity Booklets

Year 3-6
Teachers Guide

This Teaching Guide has been developed to support Year 3-6 teachers with curriculum resources and teaching ideas to accomodate: Australian Curriculum (WA, Tas, SA & ACT), NSW Curriculum, Victorian Curriculum and IB (PYP) references.

Year 3-6
Webquest Activity Booklet

This has been prepared as an extended learning activity following the curriculum resources for Year 3-6 Teachers. Students can progress through the activities independently and if they submit their work once completed, they receive a small prize!

Year 7-10 Guide
for Teachers & Students

This resource for Year 7-10 students suitable to be self-lead by students or as activities delivered by teachers. The activities will see students develop a deeper understanding of poverty in Australia and gain confidence in starting creative writing projects.

Pens Against Poverty
Promotional Poster

Download the Pens Against Poverty A3 promotional poster, which includes information about our theme and how to enter the contest.

Writing Tips from Our Judges

Writers always need ideas. To get you started in thinking, visit some of the websites below for writing tips and help getting started.

Teachers, we’ve thought of you too and many of the links below may give some ideas to help get your students writing.

Learning About Poverty

The judges look for writing that primarily shows a developing awareness of poverty and homelessness. Overly simplistic writing, where an easy solution is found, gives away a lack of understanding of these issues.

While it is understood that young students are still developing in their understanding of these complex issues, teachers can actively and sensitively guide students to raise their awareness of poverty and homelessness. Age-appropriate reading, research and discussion can be used to explore these issues before and throughout the writing process.

Reading Suggestions for Years 5-10

Reading Suggestions for Younger Primary